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Feisty Crab Studios

At Feisty Crab Studios, we aim to turn the inherently solo experience of virtual reality into a more social activity; we are achieving this by creating VR games which can be interacted with by people outside the virtual world. We use these skills to create non-VR games, and app prototypes for clients looking to secure funding. We also offer website & social media management to help clients reach a wider audience.


  • Game Development
  • VR Game Development
  • Website Management
  • Social Media Management
  • App Prototyping


ICATS has been providing distance learning into the global Aroma Trades (perfumes and flavours) industry for over a decade. The programme is validated by the International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades (IFEAT) and the British Society of Perfumers (BSP). Successful completion leads to the award of the IFEAT Diploma in Aroma Trades Studies.


  • Flexible learning for the Aroma trades
  • Distance learning
  • Workshops with the British Society of Perfumers
  • Expertly written learning materials

Nikomus Games

Nikomus Games create engaging, interactive content for web browsers, mobile and mobile VR. We believe our games should be fun and accessible to all, with simple controls and bright, colourful graphics. If this sounds like a good fit for your brand, get in touch - we’d love to create something with you


  • Games development
  • Interactive experiences

One Polygon

At OnePolygon, we specialise in creating unique 3D, Virtual Reality and Web Based projects. Our constant exploration of emerging technologies and forward thinking approach to projects help us create the best experiences possible for our clients and their users.


  • Web deisgn
  • Web development
  • 3D modelling
  • Virtual reality

Shield Drone Services

Shield Drone Services offer bespoke aerial photography and filming for a range of clients in a myriad of sectors. SDS is a leader in drone based UAV aerial media. Our aerial photography & filming services capture, previously unattainable, stunning imagery in ultra high def, now with up to amazing 4k quality.


  • Aerial photography
  • Aerial video
  • 4k quality
  • Fully trained & licensed operators

Total Distraction

Total Distraction are a team of dedicated individuals who have formed their own independent games development studio. Focusing on unique and overwhelmingly enjoyable media, they also offer services for designing bespoke software for use in games development and 3D modeling/animation.


  • Game development
  • Tools for games
  • Graphics Design
  • 3D modeling

1 World-Unite

1 World-Unite believe that we all have an opportunity to make a difference to the world, to do something that can inspire others to be the change. The 1World-Unite philosophy is one that looks to transform the way people think and act to bring shared values to life.


  • Resources for young people
  • 1World News

Studio Jeshika

Studio Jeshika was set up in 2012 to provide freelance services in surface pattern design. Today we work with agents both online and in the US to provide trend-forward patterns for the fashion and homeware industries. Experienced in working with colour forecasting and reinterpreting trends for the clients' target market, Studio Jeshika creates bold and original one-off prints, or complete collections. Patterns are provided in an exclusive, standard or extended license and clients are always given strict confidentiality.


  • Surface Pattern Design
  • Re-colouring
  • Collection development

L&D Training

L&D Training offers bespoke training to a range of organisations. We believe everyone should be able to access training around taboo subjects. We provide workshops and identify needs to help protect your business and survivors when it's needed. We have confidence in providing a safe environment which helps the company and survivors.


  • Bespoke training
  • Specialist workshops
  • Needs identification


ERLY is a network that connects university students with local businesses so they can gain work experience. The easiest place for students and businesses to connect and grow.


  • Work experience
  • Business network

FAMAS Integrated Geoservices

FIGS - FAMAS Integrated Geo-services provides services in the areas of training and consulting and general geological services that involves Environmental remediation, Geo-technical engineering, Ballast Water treatment, oil spill cleaning, maritime services, mineral exploration, geological mapping, well logging and material testing. FAMAS is a leading Geo-services firm purposely dedicated to capacity building, technical services to deliver projects to owners like oil and gas sector, ministries, agencies and institutions.


  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Geological services

Diversity Business Incubator

The Diversity Business Incubator is a Business Hub to support the Refugees and asylum seekers in start up business. We are aiming at becoming a nursery of business ideas viable and tested that individuals from BME can develop into successful businesses. Also to create a network of mentors and sponsors to inspire youth in venturing in enterprising.


  • Support in business plan writing, cashflow and SWOT analyses
  • First point of reference for business ideas development
  • Tailored training for mainstream services provided to the BME communities
  • Networking and social cohesion interactive approach events

Health Mind Body Ltd

Health Mind Body Ltd is an importer and wholesaler of health and beauty products. Our first brand, Microblading Emporium is a leading supplier of microblading products to beauty schools and private practitioners across the world and has built a reputation as an industry expert, offering high quality products and excellent customer service.


  • Wholesale and retail of health and beauty products
  • Offers an extensive range of international and own-brand beauty products

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