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Brainy Beard

At BrainyBeard, we want to open up artificial intelligence in games for everyone. We create tools which provide developers with the ability to add various different AI techniques into their games more easily. Alongside this, we release different resources including tutorials and guides, that explain particular AI techniques without the technical jargon.


  • Games development
  • AI for games


BrighThinking is a technology business with the aim of bringing renewable and innovative ideas to the general-public through household technology. What this essentially means is that we aim to bring intelligent design and innovation to renewable and environmentally conscious technology, in the form of products like our SolarDock, in order to change environmentally friendly products from something people feel obliged to use, to something we all want to use.


  • SolarDock
  • Household technology

Crescent Digital

Crescent Digital Ltd. provide commercial website and digital marketing management, services & consultancy. Working with enterprises where the Internet is at the core of their sales & marketing operations, but who do not have their own full-time digital marketing department, we are specialists in improving websites to help businesses grow.


  • Web optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Adwords & PCC campaigns
  • Comprehensive audits
  • Competitor analysis


ICATS has been providing distance learning into the global Aroma Trades (perfumes and flavours) industry for over a decade. The programme is validated by the International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades (IFEAT) and the British Society of Perfumers (BSP). Successful completion leads to the award of the IFEAT Diploma in Aroma Trades Studies.


  • Flexible learning for the Aroma trades
  • Distance learning
  • Workshops with the British Society of Perfumers
  • Expertly written learning materials

Just Enough Brave

We are a brand communications agency with a clear driving principle – to create brave and creative ideas that engage audiences and drive demand for your brand. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We assemble senior creative teams of designers, strategists, writers, developers and art directors to address the branding challenges that keep you awake at night


  • Brand positioning
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing
  • Web development
  • Copywriting
  • Online marketing

One Polygon

At OnePolygon, we specialise in creating unique 3D, Virtual Reality and Web Based projects. Our constant exploration of emerging technologies and forward thinking approach to projects help us create the best experiences possible for our clients and their users.


  • Web deisgn
  • Web development
  • 3D modelling
  • Virtual reality

Questionable Quality

At Questionable Quality we’re big on gamification: taking games technology and design to produce more engaging content for education, visualisation, marketing, and more. Internally we love making development tools and quirky experiences. Some might say we’re the best…maybe.


  • Gamification
  • Development tools
  • Games development

Shield Drone Services

Shield Drone Services offer bespoke aerial photography and filming for a range of clients in a myriad of sectors. SDS is a leader in drone based UAV aerial media. Our aerial photography & filming services capture, previously unattainable, stunning imagery in ultra high def, now with up to amazing 4k quality.


  • Aerial photography
  • Aerial video
  • 4k quality
  • Fully trained & licensed operators

Sizeable Games

At Sizeable Games, we focus on creating stylized, satisfying action games, best enjoyed in bite sized chunks. Our first title, “Dispatch! I’m in Pursuit!”, an endless, jet powered, city leveling twitch shooter, is currently in development, we’re also available for hire for Unity projects.


  • Games development
  • Software development

So Good Studios

So Good Studios incorporate your branding and products into our games, so that players are exposed to them while they play. We offer everything from highly customisable white-label games to entirely bespoke products, which means we can provide an affordable option for clients large and small.


  • Brand games
  • Elearning games
  • Games development
  • Software development

The Campus People

We are a team of student marketing specialists currently operating in the South West providing digital marketing, be-spoke events, campus brand ambassadors and product distribution via our Perk Packs.


  • Student marketing
  • Bespoke events
  • Digital marketing
  • Product distribution
  • Campus brand ambassadors

The Ocean Corner

The Ocean Corner, international social enterprise, connecting people and knowledge that will help to protect ocean communities. Art + Science = creative solutions.


  • Sustainable fashion design
  • Educational workshops
  • Creative workshops for children


TruVision offers futuristic virtual reality for architecture experiences, allowing you to virtually walk around your new structure or environment prior to its construction. We take models and drawings created by architects and use state of the art technology to create fully immersive environments designed to be used with virtual reality headsets.


  • Virtual reality for architecture
  • Immersive experience

1 World-Unite

1 World-Unite believe that we all have an opportunity to make a difference to the world, to do something that can inspire others to be the change. The 1World-Unite philosophy is one that looks to transform the way people think and act to bring shared values to life.


  • Resources for young people
  • 1World News

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