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Wild Inventions

Wild Inventions is an ethical PR, communications and design co-operative (structured as a Community Interest Company) producing beautiful and effective communications products, campaigns and projects for social good. We seek to collaborate with those working in the gig economy, building networks to support members of the creative community in inconsistent or under-employed situations to upscale and generate quality employment.


  • Public relations
  • Advocacy campaigns
  • Event management


ICATS has been providing distance learning into the global Aroma Trades (perfumes and flavours) industry for over a decade. The programme is validated by the International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades (IFEAT) and the British Society of Perfumers (BSP). Successful completion leads to the award of the IFEAT Diploma in Aroma Trades Studies.


  • Flexible learning for the Aroma trades
  • Distance learning
  • Workshops with the British Society of Perfumers
  • Expertly written learning materials

FAMAS Integrated Geoservices

FIGS - FAMAS Integrated Geo-services provides services in the areas of training and consulting and general geological services that involves Environmental remediation, Geo-technical engineering, Ballast Water treatment, oil spill cleaning, maritime services, mineral exploration, geological mapping, well logging and material testing. FAMAS is a leading Geo-services firm purposely dedicated to capacity building, technical services to deliver projects to owners like oil and gas sector, ministries, agencies and institutions.


  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Geological services

RTS Consulting

RTS Consulting specialise in designing, developing and delivering exceptional technology-based solutions to help businesses in the South West and beyond solve business problems and achieve their goals.


  • Software Engineering
  • Contracting
  • Consulting

Health Mind Body Ltd

Health Mind Body Ltd is an importer and wholesaler of health and beauty products. Our first brand, Microblading Emporium is a leading supplier of microblading products to beauty schools and private practitioners across the world and has built a reputation as an industry expert, offering high quality products and excellent customer service.


  • Wholesale and retail of health and beauty products
  • Offers an extensive range of international and own-brand beauty products

Ruckus Marketing

Ruckus are a full-service marketing agency specialising in website design, development, and management. We like to keep things friendly and informal but understand the only way to do this and remain in business is create work that simply cannot be faulted (and quickly address anything that can be).


  • Branding
  • Web design and development
  • SEO & PPC
  • Content creation and copywriting
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing consultancy

Integr8 UK

Integr8 UK is a community development social enterprise that aims to enable refugees and asylum seekers to integrate and lead a purposeful life and work experience in the UK. We see a world that is enriched by the diverse experiences and unique gifts that people bring to their communities. Our mission is to enable refugees and asylum seekers to realise their gifts and potential and secure meaningful opportunities to start creating a better world for themselves and others while doing work they are passionate about.


  • Personal development and self-discovery
  • Career development and employability
  • Community engagement and retreats

Crumb Solutions Ltd

Crumb Solutions offer smart digital solutions to increase ease and efficiency within the workplace. Our love for creativity sets us apart as digital designers to offer a smart solution with a bespoke twist be it an app, website or bespoke online software to help your business work smarter.


  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • App development
  • Video editing

Smibbs Skincare

Smibbs Skincare is a natural skincare company that focuses on managing common skin complaints. Smibbs Skincare's story began with our founder suffering from a skin condition, which would always return. He researched specific natural ingredients that could help and put them together to form a serum that took the condition away! From there Smibbs Skincare was born and we have a growing range of products to manage multiple skin complaints using only natural formulations.


  • Skincare products

Camber Clothing

Camber Clothing supports sustainable methods such as recycling, waste-reduction, and careful sourcing of products as an alternative to more common and environmentally damaging practices. Additionally, we make sure to consider every aspect of our firm’s impacts on the environment; from production and printing all the way through to packaging the product and delivering them to our customers.


  • Clothing

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