With six categories to choose from
there is something for everyone on the Business Challenge

Social Enterprise

Social enterprises improve the lives of people and communities. They trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment.

Social enterprises make their money just like any other business, from selling goods and services in the open market. What marks a social enterprise is that they reinvest their profits back into the business or the local community.

Digital and Technology

A digital enterprise applies digital technologies to improve and generate new consumer experiences or to open up new market opportunities.

A technological enterprise creates, designs or uses innovative technology to create a new product or alter the consumer experience, going beyond simply using technology to keep up with competitors or do what a business already does but through different means.


A creative enterprise makes use of creativity, skill and talent to generate intellectual property (such as art, film or crafts), turning this intellectual property into marketable goods and services.

Creative enterprises range from harnessing the individual creativity of just one person to a large collaborative project where skills and creativity in different areas are put together to produce a product.


An environmental enterprise has the primary goal of improving sustainability or providing enhanced use of/interaction with the environment. They do this through bringing new products or services on to the market

Environmental enterprise range from developing an innovative way to produce energy, right through to finding a new way to encourage and promote the enjoyment of our environment.


A marine enterprise is not just limited to shipping and related industries, but includes businesses creating renewable energy as well as companies extracting the traditional fuels of oil and gas.

A marine enterprise is one which focuses on any part of these industries, from innovative extraction methods, to components for ships, to new ways of harnessing the power of nature.


A health enterprise aims to promote health and wellbeing. They create a product or service that can change the way services are delivered or accessed.

Health enterprise range from developing a new and innovative product, to creating a new way to access health services, to using technology to improve the experience of patients.

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