With four categories to choose from
there is something for everyone on the Business Challenge

Product Design

In this category, we’re looking for innovative product designs with commercial potential as your entry will be judged not only on the quality of your design, but on how you plan to turn that into a viable business. That could include routes such as establishing a design studio, outsourcing manufacture, manufacturing your own products, or licensing your design.

Digital & Technology

In this category, we’re looking for innovative software solutions with a commercial application. Open to any digital or technology field including games development, app development and VR. You’ll need to demonstrate that there’s a need and a market for your product or service and that it you have a plan to make the business sustainable.

Health & Environment

In this category, we’re looking for an enterprise that applies innovation to improve health and wellbeing or that has an impact on the environment. If you are developing a new product or service that can have a positive impact on people’s health or the natural world, then this is the category for you.



In this category, we’re looking for innovative creative enterprises with a product or service that meets a clearly described need. You’ll need to think about who the customer or beneficiary is, as there are a range of models your business could adopt. Perhaps you are thinking of setting up a creative studio or collective when you graduate, well this could be the ideal route to test that out!

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