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Sales Skills Workshop—Tom Wyness

Friday 21st February 09.30-12.30

Marine Building 2nd Floor room 202

When starting a new business Sales Skills are both important and intimidating. Whether you are selling to other businesses, consumers or potential business partners, the ability to effectively communicate your ideas and get someone to sign on the line is a critical skill. This workshop will help you articulate your Unique Selling Point, open conversations and find the right questions to build relationships, and present your offering in a way that appeals and is likely to increase your chance of making the all important close. Confidence is essential and this workshop will help you build this within your own comfort levels – but make sure you bring your passion for your business as this is the most important factor in sales!



Money Talks Workshop—Santander

Wednesday 11th March 13.00 – 14.30

Marine Building 2nd Floor room 202

Tips to keep on top of your personal finances & make your money go further

Different approaches people have to managing their money.

How do you shop smart to get the most out of your spending?

Budgeting tools and bank account features to help you stay in control.

Different borrowing options – overdrafts, credit cards and loans –  exploring the differences between them.

Tools to help manage your money & a monthly planner to start you off .

You are not alone. We’ll talk about how your bank & other organisations offer support, particularly if your finances are getting overwhelming



PATLIB 1:1 Appointments

Wednesday 11th March

Formation Zone 2nd Floor Marine Building

Bookable half hour appointments for students & graduates

Meet with Plymouth Patent Library for a 1:1 to explore online databases to search for patents, trademarks, design right etc. Thinking of a brand for your business idea – PATLIB can show you how to search to see if you can register it and explain the process.



Thomas Westcott  1:1 Appointments

Wednesday 11th March 11.00-15.30

2nd Floor Marine Building MB206

This is an opportunity for students and graduates to access the professional support of a representative of Thomas Westcott Chartered Accountants for business start-up and development advice and guidance. This services is funded by the University of Plymouth and offered free of charge to current students and recent graduates. One hour bookable appointments available



Santander UK Universities 1:1 appointments with Remy Foucher – Santander UK Universities Relationship Manager

Tuesday 17th March 2020 12.00 – 14.00

Formation Zone 2nd Floor Marine Building

Santander Universities can support students and graduates with their business growth. Explore connections, networks and external support.

Book a half hour appointments



How to be Self-Employed—Cornelle Communications

Monday 23rd March  10.00-12.00

Marine Building 2nd Floor room 202

The journey to self employment can be daunting, but there are huge advantages to being your own boss, whether you want to set up a business or work as a freelancer or independent consultant.  Join  Siobhán Lavelle, Managing Director of Cornelle Communications to hear tools, tips and techniques that will help you to get started and succeed in the world of self  employment.



“The Formation Zone gave us the space to develop a sense of being a company and helped us build our own setup. When we started we were unsure but the reassurance and support has helped us to stop the worrying."

Jack, So Good Studios

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