GSM London

Furthering the partnership between the University of Plymouth and GSM London

Who are GSM London?

For over 40 years, GSM London has proudly provided industry-leading vocational business programmes, giving their students the springboard to career success.

Known for their student and staff diversity, GSM London builds on these assets to create a supportive and secure learning environment.

What do GSM London do?

What sets GSM London apart is their focus on employability from day one, offering industry-tailored courses, key real-world employer workshops and careers events.

The GSM London Formation Zone is a further development of the cooperation between GSM London and the University of Plymouth and aims to ensure that the many entrepreneurial students coming through GSM London have the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge essential to create successful innovative enterprises.

Services will be offered through the ‘Enterprise Hub’ at GSM London which also provides opportunities for professional courses and qualifications aimed at the business community. Their regular events cover: launching your business, legal considerations, business planning and one-to-one sessions

For more information about this exciting development for GSM London and the West London area, click here to visit the GSM London Formation Zone page.

Start-up Europe Comes to Universities at GSM London

The Formation Zone team at GSM London have helped bring SEC2U to West London with a theme of ‘Re-thinking the start-up: integrating multiple perspectives from the ground up’.

The day included insight from start-up entrepreneurs, discussion around how emerging start-ups can be successful and the development of an action plan for enhancing local conditions and opportunities for start-ups.

For more information about the event, which the team are planning to host again in future, visit the GSM London website or download the materials below.

SEC2U GSM London

Download the presentation and report for more information